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5 Easy Ways To Exercise & Stay Fit Without Any Equipment

Running to nowhere, well, that’s always an unsatisfying feeling. It’s no wonder that many hate hitting the treadmill or even spending hours at the gym grunting and sweating it out. So, this one goes out to those who want to exercise, but hate going to the gym. Let’s look at five alternative ways to workout, many of which can be done in the comfort of your home.

1) Swim

This no-sweat fun activity is all you need to get into shape. Swimming won’t just help improve your lung capacity and give you a great calorie burn, it will also tone your body and strengthen your muscles because water is denser than air, therefore provides great resistance. What’s more, it’s a low-impact workout and the buoyancy of the water lends itself well to those nursing injuries, with weak knees, back problems and other ailments.

2) Be A Domestic God/Goddess

Did you know that simple gardening can help you lose 184 calories in half an hour? In fact, many simple everyday chores can contribute significantly to your calorie burn during the day. Laundry, washing utensils, cleaning the bath, mopping, sweeping, cooking, dusting, shopping for groceries and even making your bed will have you squatting, walking, lifting, and crouching through and through.

zumba exercise without gym equipment

3) Sign Up For A Group Activity

A study conducted by the American Osteopathic Association found that individuals who workout in a group have a 26% lower stress rate and improved quality of life compared to people who workout by themselves. Group activities make you feel less pressured, appeal to your social and competitive side, and keep you coming back more often. It doesn’t have to be a spin class. How about martial arts, belly dancing, Zumba, or even a sport like football, basketball, or cricket?

4) Try Super-Short Spurts Of Exercise

The idea of working out for 30 minutes bringing you down. How about just five minutes 6 times a day? The smart thing is to pick one move every day and tie it in with one frequent personal activity. For example, do 20 jumping jacks every time you go to the restroom (you can do them right there). Or, do 10 squats every time there’s a commercial break while you’re watching TV. You get the drift.

5) Just Move Whenever, Wherever!

Many people notice a big difference by making small changes. It can be taking the stairs instead of using the elevator, cycling to work, walking while talking on the phone, getting off their chair and stretching every 30 minutes, or even parking their car at a distance to foot the extra mile… the key is to improvise.

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