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5 Foods To Reduce Acid Reflux & Fight Acidity

Bloating, belching, farting, heart burn, or even a burning sensation in the stomach are just some of the many signs of acid reflux. While having acidity now and then is normal based on your food and drinking patterns, prolonged acid reflux can certainly deteriorate the condition of your intestinal tract and cause long-terms problems; even stomach cancers, in rare cases.

The key for acid reflux treatment is to combat acidity with high-fibre and PH-balancing foods that can help your body reach an alkaline state again, while also improving digestion.

1) Vegetables

High in fibre, alkaline in nature and low in sugar and fat! Leafy greens are just what your body needs to fight acidity. They aid digestion, improve bowel movements and are packed with water which hydrates an acidic body.

2) Spices

Ginger, cumin, turmeric and cinnamon are all spices which have anti-inflammatory properties that can improve digestion and reduce bloating. Use one or a combination of these to create a herbal tea mix that you can sip on.

3) Buttermilk – Beverage For Acid Reflux Treatment

While dairy is a big no-no when you’re suffering from acidity, the good ol’ chaas, or buttermilk, is the perfect drink to soothe your stomach. Based in curd, this beverage has the goodness of probiotics that promote healthy bacteria in the gut. The mix used to spice the buttermilk is anti-inflammatory too and a great acid reflux treatment ingredient.

4) Oats

Packed with fibre, this insulin-regulating breakfast should become an any-time meal or snack when you’ve got acid reflux. It’s easy-to-digest, light on the tummy and keeps hunger pangs at bay for long enough to give your stomach some time to heal and neutralise the acids.

5) Fennel

Also known as saunf, it’s no coincidence that a fennel mix became the choice of mouth freshener at restaurants. This acid regulator has a cooling effect on the stomach lining. It prevents flatulence, bloating, and also soothes the stomach. In fact, that’s the reason why many pregnant women are prescribed sipping on fennel tea or having saunf after a meal.

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