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5 Metabolism-Boosting Foods To Add To Your Diet

Metabolism, simply put, refers to chemical processes that occur in the body to keep you living. It can be broken down into two types:


Also known as destructive metabolism, it’s the breaking down of complex molecules to simple forms in order for them to be used as fuel for your body. For example, breaking down the complex food you’ve eaten into simple nutrients easily absorbed by the body in order to give you energy.


Also known as constructive metabolism, it’s the synthesising of simple molecules to complex ones to create and sustain the building blocks of your organs, tissues, muscles, and your body as a whole. Energy is at the center of both; while catabolism releases energy, anabolism requires it to keep your body healthy.

This is why your metabolism becomes such an important scale of, not just weight loss, but your health in general. So, while you might consider adding metabolism-boosting foods to your diet to shed the pounds, here are some other benefits you will notice:

  1. Better regulation of blood sugar

  2. Improved heart health

  3. Lowered risk of strokes

  4. Stronger Immunity

  5. Slower Ageing

  6. Less Fatigue

  7. Elevated Mood

Foods To Boost Your Metabolism:

1.Chicken Or Tofu

Protein sources can boost your metabolism significantly because your body needs a lot more energy to digest them. So, not just chicken and tofu, seafood, eggs, paneer, lentils, beans, quinoa, nuts and seeds are all great alternatives to prime your metabolism.

2) Chillies

Yes, all the hot peppers and chillies in your kitchen are packed with capsaicin, a chemical that boosts fat and calorie burn and even reduce your appetite. Notice how you won’t consider eating much else after eating a green chilli that’s left your mouth hot and spicy?

3) Garlic

If you’re about to eat a meal that’s rich in fat or carbs, add tons of garlic to it. It will minimise the damage by regulating blood sugar and controlling your blood’s lipid levels. This thermogenic food, like chillies, causes your body to heat up. The process of heating up requires energy which means an increase in calorie burn.

4) Dark Chocolate

Now, don’t get too excited. Yes, this treat is great for boosting your metabolism but there are two very important conditions for this to work:

  1. Portion control (1 square piece a day)

  2. Cacao Saturation (at least 70% dark chocolate)

A mood elevator, dark chocolate is rich in cacao which is a great source of glucose regulating magnesium. It prevents the spike of your blood sugar levels and also stimulates the fat-burning hormone.

5) Cinnamon

Got a sweet tooth? Can’t keep off desserts? Always crave a treat after a meal? Try cinnamon! The sweet smell lacing your coffee or bran muffin will trick your brain into thinking you’re having some dessert. What’s more, cinnamon helps metabolise your carbs and fat more effectively by regulating blood sugar and insulin levels. It also has a thermogenic effect (creates body heat), which requires more energy leading to calorie burn and a spike in your metabolism.

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