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5 Of The Most Effective & Fun Ways To Exercise At Work

Office exercises is the magic for you to keep your body fit even at work. No, we’re not recommending the usual toe circles and seated stretches. Of course, that’s not practical and can end up making you look quite silly when you’re at work. But, there are indeed 5 ways to sneak in exercise when you’re in office, and they’re a lot more effective than you think.

1) Post-Lunch Walk – The Most Effective Among Other Office Exercises

The best among the office exercises is a post-lunch walk. Multiple studies suggest that walking for as little as 15 minutes after a meal can greatly benefit your health. The motion aids digestion and helps the food move through the stomach. Also, walking helps tackle that post-meal spike in insulin levels, which is key for weight loss. You should take a 15 minute walk 20-30 minutes after your meal, at a comfortable pace (it needn’t be brisk).

2) Walk & Talk

The second and highly recommended among the office exercises is walk & talk. Whether you’ve received a phone call or need to have a quick chat with a colleague about work, do it while walking. In fact, if possible, make all your impromptu discussions and meetings a mini stroll around the office.

Another innovative way which can be added in the office exercises routine is to take walk-and-talk interviews. It’s a happy surprise for the candidate and a good excuse for you to get out of the air-conditioned 9 to 5 office lock down.

3) Use Your Drawers

A clutter-free desk leads to a clutter-free mind. It also leads to you using your storage spaces to keep your files and papers. An overhead drawer or even a slide-out one will have you standing up from your chair or squatting down to find your documents. This is a great activity to add to the awesome office exercises and then some stretching. This also will motivate you to get you off your seat so that you’re not sitting in one place for too long.

4) Take The Stairs…

… even if you don’t have to. Most offices have an elevator. Or, you could simply be on the 22nd floor and taking the stairs sounds crazy and impossible. Well, you don’t have to go the whole way. Just vow to climb a total of 9 floors a day. And before you think that’s too much, consider this. In a 9-hour work day, you have to climb just 1 floor every hour. If, for some reason, you happen to do 2 floors at a time, say like when you’re going for lunch or snacks to the cafeteria, then you’ve earned a whole 2 hours before your next climb. This rule and activity need not be just implied in your office exercises, but also in your daily routine no matter where you are. Easy, right?

5) The Bathroom Break – The Most Fun Among Other Office Exercises

Set an active task for every time you take a bathroom break. For example, “I will do 10 squats every time I use the restroom”. And leave it at that. Irrespective of whether you use the restroom once or five times in a day, just ensure you do the task. It’s a clever way to sneak in some body toning and you can do it easily in the confines of the restroom, or even the bathroom cubicle. Squats, lunges, wall/door push-ups, and if you have the space, then even sit-ups and jumping jacks are great options to achieve fitness without any equipment.

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