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5 Reasons Women MUST Weight Train!

It’s great to be a cardio bunny but running on the treadmill and sweating it out on the cross-trainer isn’t enough to stay fit. In fact, if you walk into a gym and see majority of the women over in the cardio section while men do all the heavy lifting, it’s time to check out and move to another facility.

Here’s how weight training can change your life!

1) Lifting Weights Improves Body Tone

You know those women you envy on Instagram that seem to have body definition in all the right places? They lift! And often, they lift heavy! By lifting weights what you will gain is better body tone and more muscle definition; especially if you lift heavy! You can alternatively do more reps using light weights for a lean appearance.

2) Weight Training Makes You Stronger

One of the best outcomes of lifting weights has to be the fundamental fact that you will get stronger. If you want to amp up your body’s ability to produce force, lift fewer reps but lift heavy. If you want to focus on endurance building, lift more reps but lift light. Either way, you will not only experience an increase in energy, stamina and strength, but everyday chores will become much easier to do as well.

3) Weight Training Is Better Than Cardio To Lose Weight

Weight loss can be as simple as calories in < calories out. And, while abs are made in the kitchen as much as they are in the gym, the simple way to tip the scale in your favour is to increase your resting metabolism. While cardio burns more calories in real time, it’s weight training that keeps the burn going long after your workout. Your body continues to use up calories to repair the wear and tear of your muscles, increasing your resting metabolism.

Also, a leaner body with less fat and more muscle mass has a higher basal metabolic rate (calories used by the body to just exist and do everyday things). The higher your BMR, the more calories you expend on a day-to-day basis.

4) Prevent Injuries By Lifting Weights

Lifting while maintaining good body form improves core strength and stability. This translates to everyday life by giving you a better sense of coordination, improved reflexes and better endurance where the body is able to bounce back from a physical injury a lot faster.

5) Weight Lifting Helps You Age Better

Women tend to lose a lot of bone density as they age, particularly after menopause because oestrogen levels drop. When you lift, you don’t only train your muscles, you train your bones too. They get accustomed to endure force and generate cells to repair wear and tear in the body. In fact, one can increase spine bone mineral density by lifting weights as well. As you age, this is key, in terms of posture and lower back problems

In the end, the key is to be consistent and engage an expert to model a workout program that’s geared to suit your body type, age and gender needs. So the next time you think of dedicating 45 minutes in your hour-long workout to cardio, think again.

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