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5 Teas For Weight Loss You Should Add To Your Diet Plan

Sipping on teas for weight loss has been endorsed and refuted by many over the years. While green tea led the way, several others followed. Each was cleverly branded and marketed by companies for their miracle weight loss benefits.

Do These Magical Teas Really Work?

Well, as has been proven time and again, no singular change in diet can help you shed the pounds overnight. It’s about making the right choices through the day.

One such measure can be to replace aerated drinks and sugar-laden beverages with herbal teas. They are steeped in hot water (no dairy) and use natural leaves.

Teas For Weight Loss You Should Be Sipping:

1) Green Tea

This tea is packed with antioxidants, specifically metabolism boosting catechins. It is a great option to relieve indigestion and headaches, or even improve mental alertness. A few studies indicate that green tea has certain beneficial effect on some heart disease risk factors.

2) Matcha Tea

One-upping the popular green tea is matcha tea, which is a concentrated powdered version of the same beverage, therefore has the same benefits—catechins and antioxidants. It’s a great way to detox and can be added to your weight loss cleanse routine.

3) Bilberry Tea

Always crave something sweet after food? Try the bilberry tea. The flavour will help curb your cravings and reduce impulse snacking while also having a positive effect on your blood sugar. Regulating your insulin is key when it comes to losing weight so, go on, sip on some bilberry tea guilt free!

Peppermint teas for weight loss

4) Peppermint Tea

Consider this the superhero of teas for weight loss. Peppermint, as an ingredient itself, has been known to aid digestion, improve immunity, relieve headaches, detox the skin and body, and even alleviate respiratory problems. The anti-microbial tea will freshen your breath and curb cravings, much like breath mints do.

5) Oolong Tea

Chinese teas have long been credited with aiding digestion, and oolong tea comes from this very beverage line-up. Particularly helpful for those battling cholesterol problems, this fragrant beverage is often prescribed by nutritionists to improve metabolism and aid fat-burn to get past a weight loss plateau.

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