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5 Yummy Protein Foods We Should Add In Our Diet

Unlike the West, the Indian thali is dominated by carbohydrates with a side of veg and grains or cereals that dominate their plate. What’s more, with vegetarianism being a way of life, lentils (dals) or beans (rajma, lobia) are typically the sole and major source of protein for most Indians. So, how can you add more of this essential macronutrient to your diet apart from these protein foods?

The Importance Of Protein

Responsible for building muscle mass and tissue recovery and repair, sufficient protein intake can help keep your hair, skin, blood circulation, cartilage in good health and helps preventing the bones get weak.

Even for those who are trying to lose weight, the key is to improve your metabolism by replacing body fat with muscle mass through weight training and a diet rich with protein foods.

Keeping this in mind, we’re going to teach you how to meet your daily protein requirements with these protein foods at home:

1) Eggs, Chicken, Fish

Animal protein is a great way for non-vegetarians to keep their menu interesting. The key is to pick lean sources of meat like chicken and fish. You can opt for whole eggs too because they’re packed with good fat and amino acids. Be known that the white of the egg is all protein. Although unless you have cholesterol problems, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make the most of the whole egg.

2) Nuts & Seeds

The humble almonds, cashews and peanuts that you may have in your snack drawer already, are among the highest sources of protein when it comes to nuts. You can also get your fill with flax seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds that add a nutty flavour and make great additions to your meals.

3) Paneer & Tofu

Treat yourself to a serving of paneer for lunch guilt-free. Usually reserved for occasions, paneer is a must-have in your diet. It can be easily consumed twice a week for a steady protein intake. A healthier option would be tofu which has lower fat content and is rich in iron.

4) Yogurt

Packed with probiotics (healthy bacteria), yogurt is a go-to when it comes to soothing your stomach and aiding digestion. Instead of watering it down to a raita, have a bowl full of curd/yogurt after a meal. This will help you to get your protein and calcium dose of the day. For a slimmer version that has less sugar and more protein, you can upgrade to greek yogurt which is readily available in grocery stores.

5) Lentils (Dals) & Beans

Lentils and beans are a mix of carbs and protein. But they are an easy, reliable and readily-available source to fulfil your daily needs. You can add a portion of dal, channa, lobia or rajma to your thali, along with a side of veg and some brown rice or whole wheat rotis.

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