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6 Must-Have Summer Drinks You Should Be Sipping On

As the temperatures rise, you’re going to find yourself reaching out for summer drinks to sip on to beat the heat and hydrate. And, while good ol’ water is always our favourite elixir to cleanse the body, a whole variety of these summer drinks can help you get your nutrition, stay cool and hydrated, and improve your immunity.

Here are our 6 favourite summer drinks:

Coconut Water

Packed with electrolytes, the humble coconut water is a great way to rehydrate your body. It also helps replenish nutrients like sodium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B and calcium. Another healthy benefit is that it assists in restoring the PH-balance in the body, which leads to improved digestion. This is very important during the summer months when chances of food contamination and spoilage is higher.

Watermelon Juice

92% of watermelon is water. Could there be a better source of rehydration when it comes to fruit juices? With 6% sugar, watermelons are energising too. Fresh, seasonal and packed with antioxidants, enjoy a glassful of watermelon juice without added sugars for maximum benefits.

Orange Juice

To build your immunity and fight summer allergies, it’s a good idea to increase your vitamin C intake. We recommend you sip on some orange juice this season. Just a glassful is enough to give you your daily requirement of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that improves your immunity, is anti-inflammatory, and contributes to better skin and hair. 

Fresh Lime Water – The best of all summer drinks

A great way to beat indigestion during summer months is to replace your cocktails and mocktails with the simple, yet effective fresh lime water. The vitamin C-rich drink immensely helps in building your immunity. And the acidic nature of lemons assist in the breaking down of food in your digestive tract. This helps keep your gut healthy. You can also add other beneficial ingredients like ginger (anti-inflammatory) or honey (high-quality antioxidants) to your fresh lime water.

Lassi & Chaas

Go back to the basics and sip on some sweetened lassi or spiced chaas (buttermilk) in the summer months. These beverages have a cooling effect on the body and prevent impulse snacking because they keep you feeling full for longer. The yogurt base is packed with good bacteria (probiotics) that improves gut health.

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