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7 Awesome Hangover Remedies You Can Find In Your Kitchen

Hangover is the body’s response to consuming too much alcohol. Headache, nausea, fatigue, dehydration, sensitivity to light, or dizziness are some of the symptoms of a hangover. These symptoms can last from a few minutes to several hours depending on how much alcohol has been had.

It is believed that the body experiences certain immune responses and hormonal changes during a hangover that triggers these symptoms.1,2,3

While there is no known cure for hangovers, there are many foods and drinks that could help alleviate the symptoms.4

Here are 7 natural remedies that can help relieve your hangover.

1) Bananas

Alcohol blocks the production of a hormone that helps the body retain water. Drinking too much alcohol causes dehydration and loss of important electrolytes like sodium and potassium.5

Bananas are a rich source of potassium and can help replenish the depleted potassium levels in the body. A single banana contains 12% of the daily value (DV) for potassium.6

2) Blueberries

If you have a hangover, blueberries can come to the rescue. Blueberries are rich in nutrients that help fight inflammation in the body.7 In fact, a study conducted in 20 men established that blood levels of various compounds that caused inflammation increased after consuming alcohol.8 Hence, eating blueberries after having too much alcohol could help fight inflammation related to it.

3) Ginger

Many extensive studies point out that Ginger can effectively relieve symptoms of nausea.9, 10, 11 Ginger’s anti-nausea effects make it a preferable treatment for stomach upset associated with hangovers. Drinking a cup of Ginger tea can definitely help relieve any nausea that you feel.

4) Coconut Water

Alcohol can dehydrate the body. It is this effect that leads to pronounced hangover symptoms. Since, hydration is such an important step to recover from hangovers, drinking coconut water could just do the trick.

Coconut water contains electrolytes that help rehydrate the body. A cup of coconut water (approx. 240ml) has daily values of 11% sodium and 17% potassium.12 In fact, research points out that coconut water is just as effective as traditional sport drinks for rehydrating the body.13, 14

5) Tomato Juice

Research has found that tomatoes contain compounds that can protect the liver against any injury. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to liver damage. Hence, tomatoes could possibly counter the effects of drinking alcohol and reduce hangover symptoms.15, 16, 17

One test-tube study discovered that tomato juice can speed up the rate at which enzymes process alcohol.18

6) Green Tea

A research study discovered that compounds in green tea can significantly reduce blood alcohol concentration in rats. Additional studies found similar results in mice fed green tea extracts.19, 20

7) Water

Drinking water may be the simplest things you could do to relieve a hangover. Since, alcohol is a diuretic (a compound which makes you pee more often) that can lead to increased water loss from the body. Water can help replenish your lost reserves.21, 22


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