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7 Yoga Asanas: The Best Workout For Your Inner Self And Body

Yoga was once associated with meditation and finding your centre and calm. But now it has evolved over the years as people continue to discover it’s numerous benefits, including improved concentration, better heart health, weight loss, body tone, and physiotherapy too.

So, if you’re considering signing up for a class, perhaps it would benefit you to understand the different schools of this practice.

1) Hatha Yoga

Perfect For: Improved concentration and focus

What You Can Expect: Dominated by stretching and breathing exercises, this class is a great starting off point for beginners. It initiates you into all of the main yoga postures at a slow and steady pace.

2) Vinyasa Yoga

Perfect For: Getting your heart rate up

What You Can Expect: If you love to dance and music, this is the class for you! You will be taught to transition from one posture to another seamlessly, all often set to musical notes that help aid your rhythmic movements. The class is intense yet fun; consider it the Zumba of the yoga world.

3) Ashtanga Yoga

Perfect For: Building endurance and strength

What You Can Expect: As intense as vinyasa but more rigid in its composition, this asana revolves around six series of postures that are done in the same specific order every single time. It’s demanding, challenging, and will leave you in a pool of sweat.

4) Bikram/Hot Yoga

Perfect For: Detoxification

What You Can Expect: Unlike the other styles, this one’s fairly new and has been popularised around the world in a slightly more commercial format. Like Ashtanga, Bikram style has a set of postures (26, to be exact), that are performed in the same sequence in every class. The twist? The studio is heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. That’s pretty hot when you’re working out for 90 minutes.

PS: Hot yoga is nothing but a spin-off on the Bikram style with a change in the sequence of postures.

5) Iyengar Yoga

Perfect For: Improving flexibility and posture

What You Can Expect: Sometimes a little support is just what you need. Enter: BKS Iyengar’s yoga class, speckled with props like foam rollers, blocks, bolsters and wall ropes to help you maintain the right posture as you attempt complicated poses. Think you can’t do an inversion? This class will have you thinking again!

6) Sivananda Yoga

Perfect For: A transition to the simpler life

What You Can Expect: Dominated by 12 poses that begin with surya namaskar and end with savasana, Sivananda style is more spiritually inclined than other practices. Breathing techniques, meditation, chanting, and even vegetarianism are advocated in this practice to empower the yogi within you.

7) Kundalini Yoga

Perfect For: Spiritual awakening & physical transition

What You Can Expect: Want a bit of both? Celebrity-favourite Kundalini style delivers just that. A rapid sequence of postures is synchronised with a very deliberate style of breathing to engage you from the inside out. The intermediate class is physically intense for the body, yet invokes your mental focus to calm your mind.

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