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8 Myths About Breast Cancer Explained By Dr Rajshekhar

Breast cancer myths spread even more quickly than the disease itself. Breast cancer is rising at an alarming rate in India. As the disease increasingly spreads, so does the hear-say false beliefs.

In this video Dr. Rajshekhar Jaka, Senior Consultant Breast Surgeon talks about the truth behind these false claims.

The 8 breast cancer myths:

1. Breast cancer is contagious

The first of the many breast cancer myths is that it is contagious. This is not true under any circumstance. Breast cancer does not spread from one person to another person through a physical touch or by being physically close.

2. Core biopsy spreads cancer

The most common of all breast cancer myths is about core biopsy, which is one of the diagnosing method for breast cancer. It is said and believed that performing core biopsy will increase the risk of spreading the cancer. There is no evidence to support this belief and is completely false. In-fact, core biopsy helps in the proper diagnosis. A small tissue of the tumour is taken to have it tested in the lab to know the extent and type of cancer. Thus core biopsy also directs the doctor to plan a methodical treatment.

3. Deodorant causes breast cancer

The third out of the 8 breast cancer myths is that of using deodorant or anti-perspirants. It is widely believed that the use of these products aggravates and increases the risk of developing breast cancer. But there is no evidence to support this claim which shows the increase in any incidences of cancer after these products were used by people.

4. Wearing a tight bra increases the risk of developing breast cancer

Another among the breast cancer myths is that wearing a tight bra increases the risk of breast cancer. This myth is also much talked about among females. It needs to be remembered that there is no evidence or a reputed study till date to prove this cause and that it accounts for breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Cure Health And Medical Infographic

5. Men can not develop breast cancer

One of the breast cancer myths is that men do not get or develop breast cancer. It is true that the incidence of males developing breast cancer is very less. But, it should never be ruled out or believed that men can definitely not have breast cancer. Also, if a person feels that there is a hard palpable nodule behind their nipple areolar complex or nipples then they should not ignore it. They should visit a specialist and get it checked. Male breast cancer is generally about 1% in incidence rate.

6. No cure for breast cancer

A fearful yet common among the breast cancer myths is that there is no cure once it is diagnosed. One should understand that if the cancer is detected at an early stage, then the cancer can be cured. It is with a proper diagnosis and a well planned treatment, that the doctor can surgically or by other methods remove the cancer from the patient’s body.

7. Chemotherapy is painful

The seventh out of the 8 breast cancer myths is that chemotherapy or the process of it is very harmful and painful. Actually chemotherapy is never painful. It is only the thrombophlebitis that is painful. It develops when the chemotherapy is given through the veins and thus it causes a little pain. This can be avoided by inserting a chemo port and then giving chemotherapy. It should be noted that the benefits of chemotherapy will far outweigh the harmful effects of chemotherapy.

8. Radiation is given to the whole body

The last or eighth myth about breast cancer is that the radiation is given to the whole body. This again is widely spread myth amongst people. Radiation as a treatment method is not given to the whole body. It is only given to the affected part of the body where the tumour or cancer has a probability of existing. And even when the rays are passed through the body during the process of radiation, the patient will never notice that there are any rays being passed through him or her.

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