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Back Pain? 3 Amazing Workout Programs For You

Exercising while you nurse back pain or a spine injury is unadvisable. You could end up making it more severe, or worse, causing long-term damage to your core and spine.

Now, the good news is that there are low-impact workout programs that can help you maintain your fitness levels without causing further wear-and-tear. What’s more, they can even help rehabilitate your back and improve the condition over time.

Let’s look at the top 3 workout programs for those with a bad back pain

1) Swimming

The natural buoyancy of water makes this low-impact workout the perfect way to tone your body without lifting weights. The water provides resistance without applying force on your body. In fact, that’s the reason why a lot of physiotherapists make use of swimming, hydrotherapy and water aerobics to treat patients with bad backs. It can really help strengthen the core and lower back muscles. What’s more, this low-impact high-intensity workout is great for your lungs, weight, heart and helps preventing the likelihood of getting a heart attack.

2) Iyengar Yoga

While all the different types of yoga focus on improving your form, flexibility and strengthen your spine and core, Iyengar yoga, in particular, can prove to be beneficial for those suffering from back pain. This slow-paced style makes use of props like bolsters, bands and blocks. It assists the body in maintaining a proper alignment when transitioning from asana to another. This additional support cushions the impact and stress on the back while also strengthening flexibility in the joints and helping you push your limits. As well, since ancient times, turmeric has been widely used because of its powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

3) Pilates

Like yoga, Pilates too, focuses on breathing and exercise. The practice is centred around improving your balance, core stability and spine health. Opt for reformer Pilates over mat Pilates as it makes use of equipment to improve your range of motion, and lengthen and strengthen your muscles. This specifically can be done by people having weak bones.

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