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Bad Stomach? First Aid For The Painful Gastroenteritis

Gastroenteritis is a medical condition which is typically characterised by the inflammation of the intestines and stomach. There can be several causes for it to develop, but most commonly it is the consuming of certain food or beverage item which has been contaminated by certain bacteria or parasites.

Follow the first aid steps below to get relief from gastroenteritis:

  1. Drink more water, but do so slowly.

  2. Don’t eat for an hour until your stomach settles.

  3. When you’re hungry, eat bland and easy-to-digest foods such as crackers, toast, khichdi, rice, steamed chicken and bananas. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, fruit juices and foods that are fried, spicy, sour, or too salty.

  4. Take note of your urination patterns. If they’re irregular, have long gaps, or your urine is darker, it could be a sign of dehydration. Treat this with an electrolyte solution (Glucon-D, Electral) or some homemade lemonade.

  5. Visit a doctor if diarrhoea, nausea, or vomiting persist, or if you develop a consistent high fever for a days.

Important – Immediately contact the nearest hospital if the condition is life threatening.

Signs and Symptoms:

  1. Nausea or vomiting

  2. Diarrhoea

  3. Abdominal cramps

  4. Seldom low-grade fever

Dependent on how gastroenteritis was developed in a person, the symptoms and the inflammation can last just a day or even more than a week.

Causes for gastroenteritis:

  1. Viruses

  2. Consuming contaminated food or water, which can be due to the bacteria or parasites.

  3. Allergic reaction to a food item, such as eating seafood items. Often young children have this sign and symptom, when they try a new food and the body has a reaction to it.

  4. Even a change in the mother’s diet who is breast feeding their infant(s) or new born babies can cause in them gastroenteritis.

  5. Medication of a particular combination or excess medications’ side effect.

Please Note – This tutorial does not substitute a formal training in Basic Life Saving Procedures or First Aid Procedures given by a licensed practitioner.



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