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Beautiful Pregnancy Journey Of New Mommy, Divya

My beautiful pregnancy journey started..

Me and my husband were lucky in a way that we decided that we wanted a baby and within one month I was pregnant.

Seeing the two lines on the pregnancy test is an amazing feeling. I have still preserved that test with me.

For the first two months, me and my husband kept this a secret. It was only later, when we were nearing the end of the first trimester, we told our families.

Everyone was just so excited about the arrival of a little one.

Luckily I didn’t have the usual morning sickness, or nausea, nor was I craving sour foods. I thought it is exaggerated in the movies the way pregnant mumma craves sour food.

The elders in the house were observing me and giving their opinion, whether I will have a boy or girl.

I was lucky to have a wonderful husband, family and colleagues, who all took care of me and pampered me like anything.

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Oh, the ultrasound visits and the tests

There were multiple moments during my ultrasound visits and test that were worthy of remembering.

One of the best memory is when we went for an ultrasound and we noticed the heartbeat along with those little movements of our baby. It was just beautiful and exciting.

The tiring one was, another time, when the visit for the ultrasound went on for 2-3 hours, as I was asked to drink lots of water again and again.

Around the end of the second trimester, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was asked not to consume any fruit with high sugar, so I was only eating cucumber and pomegranate. I remember giving my blood test, as I had to get my sugar checked every week.

It was this one time that the blood sample collection person was at our doorstep to collect my blood sample. I was just not in the mood for the same. I threw so many tantrums that day, just to avoid giving my blood sample. A fun memory indeed!

My baby, a part of me!

new born baby of divya bhatia

Now, in one of my ultrasound visits I came to know that my baby is in breech presentation.

And, then came advice from everyone.

I started going for antenatal yoga classes. These classes were fun as we were interacting with to-be moms. Sharing our pregnancy journey with others is such a stress reliever.

After many sessions of antenatal, my baby still did not come in the desired position and I was advised by my gynaecologist to go for a C-section.

I kind of like C-section as I did not go through labour pain and only have smooth horizontal cut.

Also, I requested my gynaecologist to delay the delivery by one week, as I wanted a Leo baby.

The delivery time was 02:55 pm and after the childbirth, I finally got to see my baby by evening.

I was elated and so happy to finally meet my little one.

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The little one did not let me sleep for 2-3 nights!

Those nine months of my pregnancy journey were really memorable for me as I had the time of my life.

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