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Brain Tumor: Signs & Symptoms, Causes And It’s Risk Factors

Brain tumor, similar to any other tumour, is a growth of abnormal cells forming into a mass in the brain. The tumour can be benign or non-cancerous, but if cancerous then they can be of 2 types. If the develop in the brain, then they are referred to as the primary brain tumor. If the cancer begins in other parts of the body and then at a let stage spread to the brain, then they are referred to as secondary or metastatic brain tumors.


  1. Acoustic neuroma

  2. Astrocytoma

  3. Brain metastases

  4. Choroid plexus carcinoma

  5. Craniopharyngioma

  6. Embryonal tumors

  7. Ependymoma

  8. Glioblastoma

  9. Glioma

  10. Medulloblastoma

  11. Meningioma

  12. Oligodendroglioma

  13. Pediatric brain tumors

  14. Pineoblastoma

  15. Pituitary tumors


The symptoms would be vastly varied due to their dependancy on several characteristics of the tumour such as the tumour’s size, location and rate of growth. The general signs and symptoms are:

  1. Onset of varied or new pattern headaches

  2. Severe headaches that would become more frequent with time

  3. Nausea or vomiting without reason and unexplained

  4. Problems with the eyesight or vision, typically blurred vision, loss of peripheral vision, or double vision

  5. Slow loss of sensation or movement in the limb(s)

  6. Difficulty in maintaining balance

  7. Speech difficulties

  8. Confused

  9. Behavioural changes

  10. Seizures

  11. Hearing problems


1. Primary brain tumor

The brain tumors that originate in the brain itself or in the tissues near to it, such as meninges, pineal gland, cranial nerves, pituitary gland, are called as primary brain tumors. The main cause is when the normal cells undergo some mutations in their DNA, allowing the cells to grow and divide at a high speed-rate. Although the incidences of adults having to develop primary brain tumors are far less common that the secondary brain tumors

There are several types of the primary brain tumor, and they all get their names from the kind of cell that is involved in the tumour. The types are:

  1. Gliomas.

  2. Meningiomas.

  3. Acoustic neuromas (schwannomas)

  4. Pituitary adenomas

  5. Medulloblastomas

  6. Germ cell tumours

  7. Craniopharyngiomas

2. Secondary brain tumor

This brain tumor is metastatic in nature and result from the cancer that starts from any other part in the body and then spreads to the brain. These would most often occur in people who have a medical history of cancer.

The common cancer types include:

  1. Breast cancer

  2. Colon cancer

  3. Kidney cancer

  4. Lung cancer

  5. Melanoma

Risk factors

The exact cause of people having primary brain tumor is still not clear with the specialists although there are some factors that affect or can increase the risk of a brain tumor.

These risk factors will include:

  1. Exposure to radiation.

  2. Family history of brain tumor


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