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Brave Mommy Tanushree Shares Her PCOS, Miscarriage & IUI Struggles

It was the year of 1991, maybe, when I was reaching puberty and I had my first period.

I had a very heavy flow and it was a very bad experience for me.

Surprisingly, after my first period I did not have my second period for 3-4 months. I was just 10 years old, and even my mother could not understand the reason behind my delayed periods.

Since no one could diagnose the problem, my mother took me to a few doctors, homeopathic and allopathic doctors.

I was a very lean child. Thus most often doctors would just suggest that I may have a haemoglobin deficiency (khoon ki kami hai isme). So they advised me to eat better and get healthier for my period cycle to be normal.

She begins with her PCOS struggle…

Over the years I realised that my PCOS was not even considered, as a factor to all these issues.

In my particular case, I wasn’t prescribed a diet plan by a doctor, or told to exercise. I was just considered a child, who, with age will catch up on my normal period cycle.

As well, this topic was taken to be a hush-hush or a taboo subject, where people cannot talk about it.

indian mommy and her son with the family

Tanusri Chakraborty with her very supportive husband and 2 children, an adorable golden retriever and a cute baby boy.

My mom used to tell me not to talk about periods or my delayed menstrual cycle with my dad or my brother.

I believe that when you talk to other people then there might be solutions that can come up in conversations, since they might have faced the same issues or problems. They may suggest some sort of treatment or even recommend a doctor.

The problem aggravated when I entered my college. Generally in this phase one tends to go out with friends and eat junk food.

This really had a negative impact on me.

I started to gain weight despite being a lean person. And then, the delayed menstruation cycle of 3-4 months got stretched to 9-10 months.

Since my childhood I faced an issue with acne. It was like my friend, my best friend.

Now when I grew up to go to college, my body started to grow hair at unwanted places, such as my chin. Also, I started to lose hair without any apparent reason.

I finally had to resort to having allopathic medicines because in those times these medicines were the only ones that were known to us or most people.


Tanusri Chakraborty is a mom to an adorable golden retriever and a cute baby boy. Also, she is the founder of Winning Stree, which is all about women power and empowerment.

She has had a brave life of PCOS struggle and it’s associated health issues, problem of delayed and painful menstruation, and even a miscarriage.

Breath And Beats caught up with the mommy to know her personal battle against one too many issues, and her pregnancy journey. She shares it all, from her early life and her marriage with an understanding husband to her pregnancy journey during which she had an unfortunate miscarriage and how she finally became a mom with IUI, an assisted reproductive technique.

Listen to our complete the amazing audio interview where she talks about her life.

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