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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Is Not Always Physical

ED or Erectile dysfunction is a health problem where a man is can not have an erection during sexual intercourse at all or sometimes or fails to maintain an erection during the complete period of sexual intercourse. It may lead to lack of intimacy between partners or create frustration, depression, or low self esteem in men.

It can generally be treated by taking consultations or sessions with a specialist like a Urologist as ED is fairly common but is not a normal part of ageing.

Signs Of ED:

ED can also generally be a symptom of some other health problem

  1. Achieve an erection sometimes and not always.

  2. Achieve an erection but failure to maintain it.

  3. Not being able to achieve an erection at all.


Ageing may not cause ED, however an individual is more likely to develop ED as he ages.

Affect of certain disease and health issues:

  1. Type 2 Diabetes

  2. High blood pressure

  3. Chronic Kidney disease

  4. Multiple Sclerosis

  5. An Injury to the prostate, including radiation therapy or prostate surgery as a part of treatment for prostate cancer

  6. Injury to the pelvis, penis, spinal cord or bladder

  7. Injury to the bladder, including bladder surgery as a part of treatment for bladder cancer

  8. Peyronie’s disease

Side affects of taking certain medicines:

  1. Blood pressure medicines

  2. Certain medicines taken post prostate surgery

  3. Antidepressants

  4. Tranquillisers or sedatives

Psychological or emotional issues:

  1. Guilt or fear of sexual failure or sexual performance

  2. Anxiety in general or during sexual intercourse

  3. Depression

  4. Stress

Lifestyle factors and behaviours:

  1. Smoking

  2. Excess intake of alcohol

  3. Using unprescribed drugs

  4. Obesity

  5. Physical Inactivity


  1. Medical and sexual history

  2. Mental and physical health exam

  3. Lab tests like blood tests

  4. Imaging tests such as Doppler ultrasound to detect the possibility of poor blood flow through the penis.


Doctors or specialists will work with you to treat the underlying cause of ED. Also it helps to talk about it with your partner as there are cases where this condition has developed due to certain mental stress.

1. Lifestyle Changes:

  1. Quit Smoking

  2. Quit Alcohol

  3. Maintain and work towards maintaining a healthy weight.

  4. Have a balanced diet comprised of all nutrients required by the body.

  5. Engage in outdoor physical activities such as playing a sport, or going for regular walks.

  6. Do not indulge in any illegal drugs or overuse of any drug.

  7. Always remember to talk to a licensed medical practitioner before taking any medicine or drug.

2. Counselling:

Even though it is a less discussed option in a country like India, but counsellors can help discover any mental cause for ED.

3. Having Prescription Medicines:

Doctors, after a diagnosis, can prescribe medicines which are helpful to improve the condition. These medicines can be taken orally or doctors may advise to take it via injections.



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