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Game Changing Weight Loss Tips To Always Stay Fit

Weight loss tips are given by many, even a stranger walking next to you and for free! But, still struggling to move the needle on the weighing scale? Feel like you’ve been on a diet since as long as you can remember?

Maybe it’s time to step back and get your facts right before you give up. It is the change in approach towards your weight loss goals that can help in achieving the results. The understanding of how the human body functions within is almost also as important as the physical exercise.

Here are the handpicked game-changing weight loss tips:

1. Focus On Your Metabolism, Not Calories:

The winner amongst all weight loss tips and the mother or all weight loss tips, is to focus on your metabolism. Ever noticed how endurance trainers and those who workout rigorously have a fairly large appetite? It’s not uncommon for them to eat a 3000+ calorie diet while the average person is advised a diet between 1500-2000 kcals to stay healthy and lose weight.

What’s the difference between their body and yours? Well, the increased muscle mass helps their body metabolise calories better even when it is resting and they aren’t working out. In fact, hyper-focusing on cardio has proven to deplete muscle mass in the long term, resulting in a slower metabolism and weight loss. A sufficient intake of protein and good fats in your diet coupled with weight training to balance your cardio sessions is key.

2. Stabilise Your Blood Sugar:

Cannot be emphasised enough, the second one among all weight loss tips is to watch your blood sugar. We assume that only diabetics need to worry about their blood sugar. But, did you know that stable blood sugar is a key component for losing weight?

Simply put, when your body is breaking down carbohydrates, they are released into your bloodstream in the form of sugar molecules. This explains the raised blood sugar levels after a meal. At this point, your insulin hormone kicks in and extracts these molecules to be used for energy. But, your body only needs a certain amount of energy at a time. As there is a need for only certain amount of energy, the excess sugar (glucose) gets stored as fat reserves.

This accumulation of fat in the adipose, liver and fat tissues can be prevented by eating foods that don’t cause a sudden spike in sugar levels. Particularly, bad carbs such as refined sugar, candy, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes have been credited with the ability of causing this imbalance. Sticking to a diet focused on good complex carbs like green leafy veg, whole grains, nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and lentils is key because they result in slow-releasing energy which prevents the sudden spike and crash in blood sugar levels.

Stress Hormone Cortisol Health Infographics

3. Balance Your Hormones:

Another crucial, the third one complimenting other weight loss tips is to keep your hormones in check. Words like cortisol, leptin, oestrogen and testosterone never even come to mind when you’re struggling to lose weight. Thyroid and insulin, perhaps do, for those of whom are genetically predisposed to such hormonal imbalances. So, here’s a quick lesson in why balancing your hormones is key.

a) Leptin:

Also known as the satiety hormone, leptin tells your brain that your stomach is full. A high-sugar diet over a long period of time can lead to leptin resistance because the hormone has been working double duty for too long. Thus people who have been overweight or obese have a hard time moderating their food portions. This is because this particular hormone resistance does not make them realise when they are full.

b) Cortisol:

Stress hormone, as cortisol is popularly known, relates to the negative lifestyle habits people tend to pick up during stressful times. These habits create harmful side effects mentally and physically in the body. Elevated cortisol levels have been linked to stress eating, sugar cravings, poor sleep, high blood pressure, fluctuating insulin and stubborn belly fat. Basically, when you’re stressed your body feels attacked and instinctively starts hoarding fat cells to be used later. This is the body’s way of moving into survival mode. Learning how to deal better with stress is the key to keeping your cortisol in check.

It goes to show that not just physical but mental wellness too is extremely important for your weight loss. From meditation and yoga to counselling and exercise, there are numerous activities to keep your self busy and active constructively. Pick what works best for you in order to deal with stress in a healthier manner.

c) Oestrogen & Testosterone:

Often associated with hormones that dictate your sexual health, both oestrogen and testosterone when elevated can lead to weight gain. High levels of oestrogen make you insulin resistant and lead to increased sugar (glucose) storage in your fat tissues.

A diet high in meat and low in fibre has been linked with increased levels of oestrogen. This is because they are not being flushed out by the body which is a key outlet for oestrogen. Also, the meat itself may have high oestrogen levels owing to the steroids and antibiotics being injected in farm animals. Thus a high-fibre diet is key to regulate the expulsion of oestrogen and in turn, balance your level of testosterone.

Use of plastics and exposure to toxins have also been credited as sources of elevating oestrogen. Now, as your oestrogen rises, your testosterone drops and results in a hormonal imbalance. Lower testosterone leads to loss of muscle mass which results in a slower metabolism and a fattier, doughy body type. In order to keep your oestrogen and testosterone in check certain changes are required to reduce the exposure to toxins. The toxins include that come from the usage of plastics, GMO foods, packaged foods, and pesticides. There are toxins present even in cosmetics, as many chemicals and synthetics are used to manufacture them.

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