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Insect Bites And Stings: First Aid Steps And Symptoms

First aid steps for the insect bites and stings are:

  1. Scrape the area of the sting/bite with a blunt and straight edged object to remove it.

  2. Do not pinch the stinger or press on the bite as it can inject more venom.

  3. Ice the bite/sting area.

  4. Elevate the arm or leg if the bite/sting is there.

  5. Any tight fitting jewellery should be removed from the sting area

  6. An over the counter painkiller can be taken to relieve pain and antihistamine for the itchiness, or water and baking soda.

Symptoms of different insect bites:

A wasp or hornet sting

At first this insect bites will cause a sharp pain and will create a swollen red mark on the skin. This lasts a few hours but can be painful and itchy. Few people may feel dizziness or might have an allergic reaction.

Bee sting

The sting of a bee will feel similar to the sting of a wasp and the sting of it, often, will be left inside the wound itself.

Bites from mosquitoes

These insect bites will more often than not cause little red lumps on the skin and shall be very itchy.

Tick bites

The tick bites are not painful and thus a person may not even realise that they have had the bite. Physically they are  swollen and are like little red lumps or even blisters on the skin which are itchy.

Bedbug bites

Bedbug bites are those insect bites that are mostly found on the face, neck, hands or arms. They look like mosquito bites, little red bumps on the skin which are really itchy.

Ant bites and stings

They are generally harmless bites and can be itchy and painful too sometimes.

Spider bites

The bites of a spider can be painful and may leave puncture marks on the skin. They can also cause to have some dizziness, and nausea or vomiting.

Important – Immediately contact the nearest hospital if the condition is life threatening.

Please Note – This tutorial does not substitute a formal training in Basic Life Saving Procedures or First Aid Procedures given by a licensed practitioner.



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