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Mom-To-Be Kunjal Talks About Her Happy Pregnancy Journey

I have been married for 7 years, on June 5th 2013

Frankly, me and my husband never wanted a biological child.

And, if we ever wanted, we would have opted to go in for an adoption, a girl child. But, it seems destiny had other plans and we conceived in Feb 2020, by chance.

The amazing journey of my pregnancy starts..

I missed my periods and hence I thought of doing the home pregnancy test just to rule out that option. My husband was with me when I took the test, which came out positive.

When we found out, we were really shocked and surprised as we never planned it. But, we never even once thought of aborting the pregnancy, as, if that is what destiny’s plan was, we are happy to go ahead with it.

We informed my parents and his parents as soon as the test gave a positive result. To our friends and cousins, we informed post 4 months on a safer side. And since everyone in my family and friends knew that we never wanted a baby, once they got the news of my pregnancy, they were truly shocked and happy.

Even now people are excited and waiting to see how we would be like as parents.

My first trimester started along with the lockdown due to the coronavirus. So naturally I was very scared for my health, as well as, my baby’s health. Initially we visited the gynaecologist in-person, but then later on everything was done online.

In the 1st trimester I was advised to take care of myself, so not much of exercise was recommended owing to the fact that I have thyroid since many years.

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But, luckily I did not have much of the morning sickness and since this was the lockdown period, I had full support of my husband and family.

The second trimester has been beautiful. I could see my baby’s body parts developing and later I started feeling the kicks in my tummy too.

And again, I did not experience any morning sickness, but started developing craving for certain things.

We undertook the double marker test which was all fine, but I got diagnosed with high BP. It is now being monitored.

Although on the positive side, the health of my baby and myself is all fine.

My husband is very happy and excited, and we are on the same page with everything related to the baby.

Both the families are very happy as they secretly wanted me to experience this beautiful journey, but they never forced upon us for it.

They, especially my mom, has been supportive and really pampering me with some variety of food for my cravings.

Upto this point my overall physical health has been good. But, my mental health was affected and has been low due to the coronavirus scare, and then the diagnosis of my high blood pressure. But I am slowly learning to keep the anxiety at bay by meditating, walking and doing yoga.

I take supplements for vitamins, calcium, folic acid, iron, and as well my medication for high blood pressure.

Also, my experience with my gynaecologist has been good. I have to visit the gynaecologist almost every month, or consult through a video call just to keep everything in check. The hospital has online sessions on exercises and important information, which I have been attending.

Obviously as every woman, I wish for normal pregnancy and hence having been doing the required exercises.

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I have my own travel company, but my pregnancy started with the lockdown, and as it is well known that the travel industry is the worst affected, my work is by default gone down.

Although, even if this wasn’t the situation, I was very much ready to work till my health would have permitted me to do so safely. I secretly wish that my work should had been on, as I need that diversion a lot of times.

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