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Nightmare Of Drowning? Save A Life By Reviving A Rescued Victim

Drowning of person can be from multiple causes. People can even drown in bathtubs, especially the danger is for very young children and infants. Quick medical attention and first aid relief is required for the person who was drowning, after being pulled out to safety.

Perform these first aid steps for a rescued drowning victim:

  1. Pull the person or child out of the water.

  2. Place your cheek just above the nose and mouth of the patient to feel any air being breathed out by the patient.

  3. Also look at the person’s chest, if moving or not, to see if the person is breathing.

  4. If the person is not breathing then check the pulse for 10 seconds.

  5. If NO pulse, then perform CPR carefully on the adult or the child.

Additional Steps:

  1. Check for any other serious injuries, such as fractures, and provide first aid for those injuries too.

  2. Make the person still in movement and keep him or her calm.

  3. The person might be at the risk of having a medical issue, hypothermia. To prevent this possibility the person should be covered with some warm clothing or blanket after any and all cold, wet clothes are removed.

  4. Once the breathing starts for the person successfully, he or she might experience difficulty to breathe at first and would cough.

  5. Re-assure the person of safety and contact for medical help.

Symptoms of a person who has been rescued from drowning:

  1. Belly is swollen, also called as abdominal distention

  2. Skin colour of the face, especially around the lips, changes to blue

  3. Chest pain

  4. Cold skin and pale appearance

  5. Confusion

  6. Froth like and pink in colour sputum in cough

  7. Irritability

  8. No breathing

  9. Restlessness

  10. Shallow or gasping respirations

  11. Unconsciousness

  12. Vomiting

ImportantImmediately contact the nearest hospital if the condition is life threatening.

Please Note – This tutorial does not substitute a formal training in Basic Life Saving Procedures or First Aid procedures given by a licensed practitioner.



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