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Nose Bleeds Can Be Serious. Know About It’s Causes and First Aid.

Nose bleeds can occur due to many factors. But it should never be considered as a minor health issue and ignore it. First aid during these situations should be very well known to any person. Bleeding can be from either or both nostrils and sometimes even from the ears or mouth too.

Below are the steps to follow when a person has nose bleeds:

  1. Make the patient sit up straight as this would reduce the blood pressure in the veins.

  2. Always make the head tilt slightly forward or lean forward which helps to avoid accidentally swallowing the blood.

  3. Pinch your nose shut or apply slight pressure on the nostrils with the thumb or index finger for five minutes and breathe from the mouth.

  4. Check to see if the bleeding has stopped by removing the fingers from the nose.

  5. If bleeding persists pinch your nose shut again or continue applying pressure on the nostrils for 5 minutes each until the next 15 minutes or until the bleeding stops, whichever comes first.

  6. Make sure to loosen the tight clothes or jewellery around the neck of the patient.

  7. Do not pick or blow your nose. Also do not bend down or tilt the head back for the next few hours (6-8 hours).

  8. Use a cotton swab to apply petroleum jelly to the inside of your nose to keep it moist and healthy.

  9. See a doctor if the bleeding is significant and persists for more than an hour.

Causes of Nose Bleeds

  1. Dryness

  2. Blowing nose with force

  3. Use of medications, like aspirin

  4. Nose picking

  5. Pushing objects into nose

  6. Injuries / blow to the nose

  7. Infections of the nose

  8. Atherosclerosis

  9. Blood-clotting disorders

Always remember:

If child is having nose bleeds then follow the above mentioned steps to make the bleeding stop by providing the first aid. But simultaneously seek medical help from a doctor or take the child to the hospital to get prover medical attention.

For infants immediate medical attention is needed and should be rushed to the hospital or get medical help from a doctor.

Important – Immediately contact the nearest hospital if the condition is life threatening.

Please Note – This tutorial does not substitute a formal training in Basic Life Saving Procedures or First Aid Procedures given by a licensed practitioner.



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