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Runny Nose? Headache? Know How To Treat The Common Cold

Common cold is actually a viral infection affecting the nose and the throat (upper respiratory tract).


Typically, the symptoms will start to appear about 3 to 5 days after a person has been exposed to the common cold causing virus. The symptoms are –

  1. Stuffy and/or runny nose

  2. Sore throat

  3. Continuous Coughing

  4. Congestion

  5. Body ache

  6. Mild headache

  7. Sneezing

  8. Low-grade fever

  9. A general feeling of unwell


Common cold is easily diagnosed by the patient’s signs and symptoms. A chest X-ray or certain particular tests can be advised by a doctor to undergo to rule out any other cause for the same signs and symptoms of the patient.

Treatment for common cold:

There is no particular cure for the common cold. So the treatment prescribed by the doctor is usually to relieve the signs and symptoms of the patient. It should be noted that the use of antibiotics is helpful when there is a bacterial infection and not if the infection is a viral infection.

Medicines to relieve the symptoms:

  1. Pain relievers – Because of the common cold a person will may have fever, sore throat and headache. These are the typical signs of a common cold. But at times these symptoms may be hard to tolerate and cause pain to the body for which pain reliefvers are available as over-the-counter medicines.

  2. Decongestant nasal sprays – These are helpful for a blocked nose (for adults, use of the drops or sprays should be up to five days). Although continued use of it may cause the symptoms to rebound.

  3. Cough syrups – Cough build up is natural in persons who have common cold. To relieve the coughing, cough syrups come in handy which are also available at the pharmacy stores. Please remember to take the dose as advised by your physician or check the label for proper dosage.



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