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Saroj Super Speciality Hospitals Restarts Its Complete Operations

Keeping in mind the safety and hygienic measures amid the COVID-19 infection fear, Saroj Super specialty Hospital has restarted its complete functioning of healthcare services in full fledge.

Following the protocols of social distancing, the hospital has started over for the public without overriding any of the statutory and ethical mandates which are functional .

With complete sanitisation, the hospital also has its emergency services IPD, day care procedures, surgical OT’s and dialysis units operational, and has declared the premises – COVID-19 free Zone.

Medical services which were already under the essential services, saw a major fall in the patient turn out for the past two months due to the infection fear and lockdown.

But now as the hospital services have limped back to normalcy, the OPD footfall is expected to increase with more patients for consultation. “As the doctors, surgeons, and other necessary healthcare staff work in close proximity to their patients, are at particularly high risk of being exposed to the virus and contracting COVID-19.

While the routine aseptic process and protocols are being followed as usual, all the frontline warriors have been equipped with PPE suits.

Patients coming for routine check-ups are also advised towards online consultation

In order to avoid congregation of patients coming for routine check-ups, the hospital is also encouraging the doctors to explore the potentials of Online consultations (video and Tele) to minimise the infection risk.” Said Dr PK Bharadwaj, Medical Director, Saroj Group of Hospitals, New Delhi.

Functional OTs to be allowed planned and elective surgeries besides the medical emergencies

While earlier the hospital was undertaking only emergency surgical procedures, now with completely operational services, patients awaiting elective surgeries will also be benefited.

Keeping in view the significant possibility of increase in number of patients who suffer from various ailments, these elective surgeries need to be started immediately.

“Proper safety facilities and measures have been taken to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 infection which includes asymptomatic cases as well. Patients who are also equally responsible for preventing the spread of the infection are needed to strictly follow the social distancing norms and abide by the protocols of the hospital.

All the patients and attendants entering into the hospital are thoroughly checked for flu like symptoms and asked to wear mask and wash or sanitize their hands.” Said Brig. M Khajuria, Executive Director, Saroj Group of Hospitals, New Delhi.

Apart from continuous and extensive cleaning and spraying disinfectant in complete premises, the seating capacity in the waiting area has also been halved with instructions pasted on the chairs to follow physical distancing.

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