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Shaina Shares Her Amazing Childbirth Experience

My pregnancy and childbirth journey is from 6 months back, when I was about to deliver my first born!

Begins in the hospital!

All prepped up for a normal delivery, I was having labour pains for nearly 17 hours. I was in my 9th month of pregnancy.

While I was waiting in the labour room, the doctor came in to check the heartbeat of the baby. The doctor immediately advised to shift me to the OT. The situation got very stressful.

I was very tensed but was still hoping for a normal delivery. Eventually though I had to undergo a C-Section as the baby’s heartbeat increased to a level which was beyond the doctor’s control.

But as they, all’s well that ends well.

My child, my love.

My daughter was shifted to NICU right after her birth as the doctors wanted to check for breathing problems. But the moment I could stand and walk I entered the NICU, and saw my beautiful baby girl lying there.

My heart stopped for a fraction of a second. I couldn’t control my tears.

And then, I finally held my daughter after 18 hours of my delivery. I held her close to me, and she stopped crying. This was the point when I could feel that I am holding a part of me.

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Luckily I had everybody present with me at the hospital. The feeling of having a child for a father and a grandchild for the grandparents cannot be expressed.

It’s beyond everything.

Motherhood welcomed me..

Post my baby’s delivery, I went bonkers.

Your life changes upside down. You have a little life to take care of when you are already coping up with yourself, physically and mentally. I am lucky to have a supportive family who made things easy for me.

I wouldn’t say that I had post-natal or postpartum depression, but yes, the anxiety, and the excitement, and the nervousness does take a toll on your mind. But we females are strong enough to come out of it and pave our ways. So have confidence in yourself.

Thankfully I did not go through a lot of physical challenges, my body recovered normally as after any surgery. But breastfeeding was a tough and a painful task in the beginning.

And here I am now, after my first childbirth.

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For a woman during pregnancy and after childbirth, her body swells, and she gains weight.

The body is not the same.

It definitely takes a lot of time to come back to shape along with a lot of hard work. You do lose confidence in yourself.

But, hey! you made a human being and its not easy my friend. So be proud of yourself.

Today, I am at a stage where I’ll be starting my career life after 6 months. Now I just hope I am able to manage my child and my work in the best possible manner.

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