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Smoking Can AdverselyAffect Fertility. Know 3 Natural Ways To Reduce Its Effects

Smoking is one of the most destructive lifestyle habit which is now a part of a lot of people’s day-to-day routine. We live in a high stress, fast-paced environment. And this stress has made people succumb to cigarette smoking. While the government has steadily run advertisement campaigns and even printed horrible looking graphics to make people aware of the ill effects of smoking, it has deterred most people. Stress, peer pressure, inadequate information of the ill effects of smoking and even social media influences have made people succumb to this addiction.

Smoking weakens the immune system, accelerates aging, increases time taken for injuries to heal and affects fertility. The effects of smoking are not limited to just you but it also affects those who smoke passively.

To quote Mark Twain – “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world, I know because I have done it thousands of times.” Once smoking becomes habitual, it is difficult to give up. The struggle is real with the person’s will constantly struggling against the body’s urge (resulting from addiction) to smoke.

Here are a few simple home remedies that can relieve the urge to smoke and improve your health.

Natural Foods To Reduce The Harmful Effects Of Smoking Are:

1. Grape seed Extract (Vitis vinifera):

Grape seeds contain compounds called proanthocyanins (a type of plant antioxidant) that target molecular abnormalities caused by cigarette smoke condensate and could possibly prevent the spread of lung cancer.

They are also a good source of polyphenolic compounds (plant antioxidants). These plant antioxidants can help prevent breast cancer, normalise blood pressure levels in people with pre-hypertension, maintain blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, promote wound healing and protect against nerve damage caused by diabetes (diabetic neuropathy).

How to take it: 1. Grape seeds can be taken an extract, which can be easily absorbed and has a high concentration of polyphenols. 2. Grape seed extracts are also available in capsule form. A 250 mg extract can be safely taken once daily to find reduce the bad effects of smoking.

2. Coenzyme Q10:

Coenzyme Q10 (commonly called CoQ10) is an important compound that plays a vital role in the cells’ ability to extract energy from food. Even though the body makes this compound naturally, its levels decline with age. Also, it is thought that smoking has a consumptive effect on Coenzyme Q10.

Taking Coenzyme Q10 as a supplement can help lower blood pressure and improve heart function of those suffering from heart disease and high cholesterol. Its high antioxidant activity makes it safe to use and it is well-tolerated by the body.

How to take it:

Take a 200mg of coenzyme q10 (in capsule or tablet form) once daily to reduce the bad effects of smoking.

Honey Reduces Smoking Effects

3. Honey:

Honey has been proven to possess anti-inflammatory properties. It significantly reduces the toxic effects of cigarette smoke. It also reduces oxidative stress by reducing lipid peroxidation (a process in which free radicals attack lipids).

How to take it:

1. Have 2 tablespoon of honey along with a glass of warm water just after waking up first thing in the morning.


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The content made available at this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. BreathAndBeats.com, it’s team and it’s content partners strongly recommend that you should consult a licensed medical practitioner for any medical or health condition.


The content made available at this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. BreathAndBeats.com, it’s team and it’s content partners strongly recommend that you should consult a licensed medical practitioner for any medical or health condition.

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