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The Easiest 3-Point Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Looking for a diet plan that helps you lose weight without losing your mind? Well, there is one. And it relies on 3 simple and easy-to-follow rules that help you eat your favourite foods and still lose weight, so long as you exercise portion control. It all comes down to making smart choices:

1) Prep(aration) Of Food Is Important For Weight Loss

The easiest way to halve your calories is to focus on how your food is made. Learn how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy preparations.

For example, roasted, tandoori, stir-fried, steamed, poached, baked, grilled are all good choices. On the other hand, preps like tempura, crispy, casserole, batter- or pan-fried are laden with bad fats and should make those alarm bells go off.

Say yes, to paneer tikka, no, to chilli paneer; yes, to tandoori chicken, no, to butter chicken; yes to wok-tossed vegetables, no to crispy-fried veg.

2) Eat Fresh Foods To Reduce Belly Fat

Take it to the next level and go beyond calories. To keep your metabolism high, energy levels up and reduce bloating while improving digestion, tick off the nutrition box in your meals.

This can be done by eating local, seasonal and fresh foods. So, if mangoes are in season, have at them! Seasonal produce is more nutrient dense as it hasn’t been modified for preservation to be eaten at a later date.

Similarly, eating locally is a great way to ensure that your meal has taken the least amount of time needed to make it from farm to table. It is, therefore, still full of natural flavours and nutrition.

Lastly, eat fresh whenever possible. So, if you’re in the mood for pancakes or a Caesar salad, make them at home instead of buying pre-packed servings from bakeries and gourmet stores. This helps reduce your calories while also restricting your intake of sodium and preservatives which means lesser bloating and better digestion.

3) Your Diet Plan Should Focus On Healthy Substitutes

Make good choices when it comes to food. Enjoy your dal chawal by picking brown rice over white. Want some fries or wedges? Go with sweet potatoes instead of regular ones. Start sweetening your coffee and beverages with honey and jaggery instead of white sugar. Even when it comes to wraps, rolls, or sandwiches, always insist on whole wheat instead of mixed grain or maida bases.

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