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This Image Of Female Milk Ducts Has Everyone Talking

A Twitter image of milk ducts in female breasts has taken the internet by storm

What Are Milk Ducts?

Also known as lactiferous ducts, when a woman is breastfeeding it is these tube-like ducts that help carry the milk from the glandular tissues where it is made to the nipple, where the child feeds from. On average, a healthy woman may have between 15 and 30 milk ducts in her breast.

It is not uncommon for these milk ducts to get clogged during nursing. You might even feel a few bumps and unevenness. Usually clogged ducts resolve themselves in a few days if you nurse often. But some may need medical intervention as a milk duct that’s clogged for too long can get infected (known as mastitis).


What is now confirmed to be a screenshot from an anatomy app on the Apple store, has women discussing how this may well be the first time they’ve seen the female anatomy so up close and personal. And, let’s just say, they have mixed feelings.

The reactions range from pleasantly surprised and proud to be a woman…

I love this . I have flowers inside my tits and those things nourished my daughter . I'm a rocking magical mom like a unicorn!!! #milkducts #mom #breastfeed #vegan #unicorn https://t.co/hrGaTtGGmQ — Almira Gorus (@gorusalmira) April 26, 2019

This is #amazing ! I've never seen a pic of #milkducts before… looks like a #flower 🌺 the #female #humanbody is incredible #workingmom #stillbreastfeeding #provides so much!#breastfeed Not part of the #musculatorysystem but a perfect way to show this 😍 pic.twitter.com/khYb7we7CW — Earth Mama (@sizzledazzle) April 25, 2019

… to those who were completely taken aback, and not quite sure if this is information they needed, or even wanted to see.

I DONT WANT BREASTS ANYMORE — itachi stan account (@chiknclit) April 23, 2019

it looks like those water balloons where all you have to do it attach the hose then 100 water balloons fill up. — lol no (@notthateasysis) April 22, 2019

pic.twitter.com/fgwpehZ5ki — morgan (@mocamtuggs) April 23, 2019

Breast Awareness is Important

Experts are already weighing in and talking about how these perfectly symmetrical, floral shaped milk ducts are a gross misrepresentation of the actual human form (said to be more varied in size and not so neatly arranged).

Often noticed just for their aesthetic appeal, we forget how integral breasts are to a woman’s body. In fact, Senior Oncologist Dr Rajshekhar says that every woman should have breast self awareness. That is to say, that women should examine their breasts regularly and get familiar with how their breasts look and feel.

In the interest of knowing more, perhaps it’s time you took a quick peek at 10 Interesting Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Breasts. In fact, Dr Rajshekhar has also taken the time to simplify Breast Cancer Symptoms & Diagnosis.

Read up and spread the word.

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