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What’s The Perfect Post-Workout Food?

As they say, packs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. So, always remember that whether you’re reason for exercising is to stay fit, gain muscle, or lose weight, the food you eat to complement your workout routine is extremely important.

When Should I Eat After A Workout?

Your body is in recovery mode after a workout as it works on repairing the wear and tear in the muscles. The higher the intensity of your exercise routine, the quicker you should eat to restore the depleted glycogen after a workout. Anywhere from 15 minutes to upto 2 hours is ideal for a post-workout snack to be truly effective.

What Should I Eat After A Workout?

Ideally, the perfect post-workout food is a small energy snack that has a healthy mix of protein:carbs (20:80). But, it’s your goals and the nature of your workout that should define what you eat.

Post-Workout Food For Weight Loss

It is important that when you refuel after exercise, your post-workout snack shouldn’t be too calorie or sugar dense. For weight loss, the ideal high-protein and good carb snack options are:

  1. Greek yogurt with berries

  2. Grilled cottage cheese with veg

  3. Salmon (or any fish) and whole wheat bagel

  4. Oatmeal packed with nuts and seeds

  5. Chickpea hummus and pita bread

Post-Workout Food For More Muscle

Protein and amino acids are key when it comes to muscle building. These, combined with good fats to aid repair and recovery are the ideal mix for a post-workout snack that can help you improve both muscle mass, and workout performance. For more muscle tone, the ideal high-protein and good fat options are:

  1. Eggs along with avocado on toast

  2. Unsweetened protein bars with milk

  3. Whey smoothie with oats, bananas, chia seeds and turmeric

  4. Almond or peanut butter sandwich with flax seeds

  5. Beetroot, sweet potato and chicken/tuna salad

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